Handle Entities and Corporate Governance with ease


Scaling operations ━ legal & finance.


Be Compliant. Everywhere. On time.


Collaborate & automate ━ how, you decide.

Uncompromised Protection.

Group and User Managment

Effortlessly manage user and group data with options to create, remove, add, update, or retrieve.

Company Domain

Every company has its own custom subdomain and Enterprise plan their owned Domain.

Advance Permission

Achieve precise access control by setting granular permissions for reading, writing, and accessing information.

Server in Europe

Every company has its own set of Data on European servers.


We follow best practices for being GDPR compliant. Explore more on our dedicated page.
Explore more here ➜

Azure Data Security

Corporate Governance encompasses a wealth of sensitive information, and ensuring the security of this data is our utmost priority. To achieve this, we rely on the robust capabilities of our Microsoft Azure cloud-hosting solution.

Data Encryption

We employ state-of-the-art 256-bit software encryption to safeguard your data and ensure its confidentiality.


Single sign-on and Two-Factor Authentication verification for the Enterprise plan.

Fine-grained Admin Roles

Delegate admin-level users to manage Newton accessibility.

4-Eyes Principle

Our upcoming feature is the "4-eye principle" which ensures that all critical actions and decisions need at least two authorized persons to confirm the action.

Test Environment

We provide a testing version of Newton for the Enterprise plan where you can safely onboard new colleagues, make tests, and pre-configure complex accessibility roles.

Audit Trail

On every level, everything is traced. You can easily start an audit or due diligence process.

On-demand support.
Anytime with a human being.

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