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Legal Entity Management

Centralize, Organize, and Optimize Your Entity Data

Newton’s Legal Entity Management centralizes and organizes essential data, including registration numbers, shareholders, boards of directors, legal documents, and much more. Custom data fields and change logs are also supported. It ensures high data quality standards and task management through to-do lists, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.


Centralize and Manage Data

Organize all your basic data, including registration numbers, shareholders, directors, and related documents. Manage responsibilities and assets efficiently.

Project Organization

Group legal entities under projects for complex structures and visualize them with our structure chart.

Define Custom Fields

Tailor data fields to fit the specific needs of your organization, ensuring all relevant information is captured and managed.

Data Quality Rules

Implement rules to maintain high data quality standards, ensuring that all information is accurate, consistent, and reliable.

Visualize Entity Structures

Display shareholder information, shares, and more to understand and present complex structures clearly.

Compliance Management

Ensure Timely and Effective Compliance

Newton’s Compliance Management allows you to create, manage, and stay informed about your company’s compliance obligations. With comprehensive task tracking, assignment capabilities, and reminders, it simplifies complex requirements and ensures timely adherence to all compliance activities.


Streamlined Compliance

Manage different types of compliance tasks, domestic and international, corporate and tax, KYC, UPO, and everything you need.

Task Tracking

Display all compliance tasks in one place with filtering options to never miss a deadline.

Assign Responsibilities and Set Reminders

Designate tasks to specific team members and set reminders to ensure timely completion of all compliance activities.

Related Documents

Some tasks have related documents, such as board meeting minutes, or convening notices. These can be managed where they belong.

Document Management

Simplify Document Creation and Tracking

Newton’s Document Management allows you to use templates or custom Word files for quick and accurate document creation, and automate document generation to save time and reduce errors. It offers comprehensive management with features like dates, statuses, assignees, expiration reminders, and custom fields for thorough tracking.

The structure of document types can be defined according to your needs and customized to the situation. It makes sure everyone in your team where to find the information they look for.

Comprehensive Management

Add dates, statuses, and assignees to your documents for easy tracking and management. Includes expiration dates with reminders and custom fields for additional data.

Automated Document Creation

Generate documents automatically, saving time and reducing errors.

Template Management

Use our templates or upload custom Word files to create documents quickly and accurately.

Security, Access Rights,
& Audit Trail

Accountability and Data Protection

Streamline user, role, and group management with robust permission controls, safeguard data integrity with stringent encryption, and uphold transparency through comprehensive audit trails.

SSO login provides a convenient user experience.

User and Group Management

Effortlessly manage user, role and group data with advanced permission settings.

Data Security

Ensure data protection and compliance with GDPR.

Audit Trail

Maintain a reliable audit trail for all actions, enhancing transparency and accountability.


Gain Actionable Insights and Tailored Reporting

Newton comes with many pre-defined reports, but it also has a customizable report generator for special purposes.

Export functionality is provided supporting Excel, CSV, and TAB. Structure charts can be exported as PNG or PDF.

Insights and Analysis

Gain valuable insights into your entity management and compliance processes. Several predefined reports will help.

Customizable Reporting

Create detailed reports on specific needs.

Overview of Newton’s Core Features

Newton offers a robust suite of features designed to streamline your entity management, compliance, document handling, and more. Explore how our platform can enhance your business operations and ensure compliance with ease.

Legal Entity


Security, Access Rights,
and Audit Trail



Asset Management

Structure Chart

Optional Modules:

Optimize Banking and Cash Flow with Treasury, Accounts Payable Approval, and Seamless Integration


AP Approval

Rest API

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