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Document Management and automation


Collaboration with Access Control

Structure Charts
Entity Data

The Single Source of Truth

Centralize registration, governance, ownership, tax, and compliance data to create a single source of truth.
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"The team loved Newton. We found it so simple, intuitive and easy to use - everyone said goodbye to old spreadsheets and broken communication"

Raquel L.

Corporate Secretary

Where Newton can help

Source of Truth

Centralize legal entities securely, enhance compliance tracking, and manage all relevant company data.
  • Centralize legal entities' data
  • Automated tracking and reminders on compliance and documents
  • Notify Stakeholders
  • Share data and manage responsibilities
  • Manage your KYC processes & reliable data with expiration dates
  • EU Data Residency
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Less manual, more strategic

Save time in the management of your documents and expiring dates by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

  • Generate documents from your templates
  • Share information with the right people
  • Store ID & Corporate Documents in one unique source of truth
  • Set deadlines & ownerships for renewals
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Keep track of legal requirements

Newton is designed to streamline regulatory compliance across big corporations.
  • Reliable audit trail with a quick dashboard overview
  • Powerful filters, search & reports to access and share information
  • Give granular access to internal and external users
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Governance for
every need➜

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Newton for Corporate Governance

Manage Legal Entity obligations to satisfy revenue, risk, and security authorities across multiple jurisdictions and legal requirements.

Newton for VCs & Venture-Backed Startups

We help VCs to navigate complex investment structures, legal obligations, and regulatory requirements while managing multiple portfolio companies.

For Venture-Backed Companies, Legal Entity Management is crucial to secure multiple funding rounds and effectively handle equity and ownership structures, enabling informed decisions on ownership and equity distribution.


Newton for Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Firms

We specialize in managing complex investments, regulatory compliance, and legal ownership visualization. Our streamlined approach helps you effectively handle entities, maintain compliance, and stay informed, freeing up resources for your core business.

Newton for Trust & Law Firms

Collaborate better with your clients and colleagues, easily access your data, and automate client requests to ensure your information is always up-to-date. Newton streamlines processes, saves time, and automates documents.

Seamless governance for every team

Easy, transparent, and scalable solution for every team size.
Cap Table
Granular Sharing
Custom User Rights
Docs automations

Legal matters. Unlock simplicity and accessibility

Prepare for your next investment round with automated legal and compliant tasks, ensuring investors and stakeholders are informed while gaining a comprehensive overview of your company's physical and digital shares.
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"If you manage several legal entities with many stakeholders, just get Newton"

Andrea M

Senior Legal Ops

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